Process Excellence for Financial Services

Financial Services are performing a balancing act between customer experience and process efficiency. A focus on customer service is critical for increasing market share and retaining customers while process efficiency is key to maintaining margins and price competitiveness. In this environment ‘process excellence’ has to ensure that waste is being eliminated, efficiencies are gained, all processes are customer centric.

This conference will serve as a practical guide for the Financial Services industry for how to develop and implement ‘process excellence’ in order to ensure they are able to maintain profit margins, reduce costs and eliminate waste at the same time.

With the Financial Services industry constantly evolving to meet the needs of the customers, a wider range of products and services are now expected of them. Operating in such an environment that is becoming increasingly sophisticated means added complexity in the process. The key is ensuring these processes are customer centric.

Addressing the importance of Process Excellence for Financial Services as a whole, areas of focus include Continuous Improvement, Customer Centricity, Leadership, Risk Management, Cost Efficiency, Change Management, Employee Engagement, Measuring & Demonstrating ROI. IQPC is proud to host the 3rd annual Process Excellence for Financial Services conference, bringing together Process Excellence Managers, Business Improvement Managers, Top Industry Experts to discuss a plethora of threats, developments and opportunities present in the industry.

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Experience 3 Days of Expertly Curated Content

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Meet With and Compare Dozens of Leading-Edge Solution Providers

Drive process improvement and create new business models through emerging and innovative technology

Forge New Connections and Benchmark Against Peers

Build an agile culture which is flexible, responsive and adaptive to changing markets and new innovations

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